Review the code with the backup developer and manager or group lead

  • The backup developer and the manager or group lead should each review the code after it has been checked into the repository to verify that it meets the requirements.
  • The backup developer and manager or group lead are the 2 individuals that will usually have the most knowledge and interest in the component and thus are the best choices to conduct the review.
  • The review should take place at each individual’s computer where they can concentrate without interruption.
  • The backup developer and manager/group lead should email each other the preliminary results of their review.  If they disagree or have different points of view, then they should meet to discuss and resolve.
  • Once they both agree on the results of the review, then the manager/group lead should meet with the developer and request any necessary changes, which should also be emailed.  The requirements document, software specification document, and design documents should also be updated if necessary.


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Copyright 2011 by Robert G. Bryan


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